Superkid In Training

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  • Superkid In Training is an obstacle course for young heroes. Action cards and props makes this a fun and engaging activity for kids.
  • TOYS THAT TEACH: Now your child can become the hero of their imagination with this action-packed obstacle course. Oversized action cards are used to create stations, each station builds super skills like strength, agility and even secret powers.
  • ACTIVE PLAY: Play indoors or out to encourage active and imaginative play any time! Children will practice their super spin, super leap and shrink to their tiniest size.
  • GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL PLAY: The course can be completed by one child on their own, or with up to five friends- allowing heroes-in-training to build their skills of taking turns and kindness as they cheer on their fellow superkids.
  • INCLUDES: 10 double-sided action cards, 5 card stands, kid-sized cape, two wrist bands, mask, foam ball, lightning bolt, target and instructions. (Ages 4 and up)