Space Gate Odyssey

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  • Optimize the construction of your space base: the choice of modules, their layout, the distance between the airlock and the portal are essential elements.
  • Maximize the sending of settlers to the most favorable sites of the Exoplanets and thus gain a maximum of Influence points.
  • Be careful not to leave too many open corridors on the space void: this is a real danger for your Colons and could therefore damage your reputation.
  • Unique mechanism based on movement and flow

Humankind is about to leave the Earth. The race for exoplanets’ colonization has begun. Each Super-country has started building its own space station, in which Space Gates will be set up. The goal: to send as many settlers as possible through these gates in order to take control of the new planetary system. Each player leads a Super-country. They must plan the work of their engineers in the Odyssey headquarter, supervise the construction of their station’s modules and manage the flow of their settlers in their station and through the gates.