Robo Dackel Jr.

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  • Gesture Control – Wave your hand left or right to make it turn
  • SmartBall for Auto-Following and Fetching
  • Touch sensor - pet my head and I'll react!
  • Speaker for lively sound fx
  • Extendable – Stretch up to 26cm long!
  • Lively LED Eyes

Robo Dackel Jr. is an interactive robotic puppy. The package includes one robo dackel jr , one smartball and one instruction manual. Robo Dackel Jr. can stretch up to 26 cm long. Junior can be controlled directly with Dackel for fetching and playing together (Sold separetely). Touch sensor - You can pet his head and he will react. Wave your head left or right to make him turn. Walk with him and he will follow. Smart ball for auto-following and he's fetching! Lively Led eyes.