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The Next Generation of Washcloths for Kids

SoapSox began as a novel idea to solve a problem parents have struggled with for generations: How do I get my child to want to bathe without a struggle or crying? Founder and CEO, Ray found that the most difficult time of the day was bath time during his time working as a Program Director for a residential treatment facility for abused children. Children would argue, cry, and even attempt to hide to avoid taking a bath. This time often ended in with children pretending to bathe but only wetting their hair, or even turning on the shower and standing in the bathroom only to fall asleep next to the bath. After repeated struggles with one child who could not part with his stuffed animal to bathe, Ray came up with the idea of taking another cotton stuffed animal and modifying it to hold soap. Hence the child took a bath and unknowingly SoapSox was born.

Sometime later and while still working with children and families, Ray again recognized the same dilemma surrounding bath time in many homes. This time after a few years of research and finding no such product on the market fully met the need, the idea of developing SoapSox emerged. SoapSox was then born from a simple solution to a bath time problem with a few sketches on a note pad.