Lalaboom Peg Board 21pc

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LALABOOM pegboard is a simple and strong educational tool to learn a large amont of words while playing. It is first a plateform where young children can plug their award winning LALABOOM educational beads. It come with 5 double side printed cards with outstanding drawing. Toddler will play color matching activities but the peg board also include 2 memory games to quickly learn vocabulary. Many other activities can be downloaded and printed to extend the fun.

  • 3 activities toy, construction plateform with 10 beads to be assembled, twisted, combined. Color matching games. Memory game and many more to discover on our website.
  • 30+ extra activities to download and print on
  • A educational toy with a strong capacity to learn with fun a large amount of vocabulary about various themes
  • Visit to discover a large number of construction to reproduce