Hop Hop Bubbles Set

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Introducing Tuban Bubbles!  Hop Hop Bubbles Set!

Award winning and perhaps the best soap bubble solution in the world.  

With this special liquid and the included gloves, you will be able to grab the bubbles in your hand and throw them up and down. Try to see how many times you can juggle with it before you have to make a new one.

Thanks to this set, in 2013, it was possible to be admitted into the  book of world records in the discipline "throwing a soap bubble up and down most times" - the record was 309 times!

Hop Hop Bubbles Set contains:
2 tubes to blow soap bubbles with
2 of the special gloves
2 bottles of soap liquid


Hop Hop Bubbles - it's time for witchcraft... 
Since we are specialists in soap bubbles, we have developed
a liquid for you that each of you will be able to become magician
Are you ready?
Seemingly all soap bubbles are extremely delicate and burst after a while. 
Our set proves that it is not so obvious.
The bubbles that you create with us can be caught in your hand,
rotated, crushed, raised, and even juggled with them.
Isn't that amazing?
But without the magic liquid nothing would be possible...

Our tips:
- remember that bubbles that are small are best reflected;
- try not to foam the liquid, because then its power decreases;
- the first bubble you make will be the best to
bounce because it is the most resilient and durable.

Tuban is the best soap bubble liquid in the world and holds two Guinness world records for the largest number of people in one bubble (182 people) and the most number of bounces of one soap bubble.

Made in the EU.