Great Western Trail

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America in the 19th century: You are a rancher and repeatedly herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City, where you send them off by train. This earns you money and victory points. Needless to say: Each time you arrive in Kansas City, you want to have your most valuable cattle in tow. This will not only require that you keep your herd in good shape, but also that you effectively utilize the various buildings along the trail. Success will require that you hire capable staff: Cowboys to improve your herd, craftsmen to build your very own buildings and engineers to manage the important railroad line.
If you cleverly manage your herd and navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of this great western trail, you surely will gain the most victory points and win the game.


1 game board
4 player boards
92 cattle cards
28 objective cards
54 worker tiles
18 hazard tiles
22 teepee tiles
47 building tiles
4 player count tiles
5 station master tiles
4 cattlemen
4 engines
56 player discs
4 certificate markers
55 coins
1 job market token
1 scoring note pad
2 rule books (English, German)