Rustik Super Fast Sling Puck Game (Large Version!) Made of torrefied wood.

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This is the same version, by the same Company, of the smaller Fast Sling Puck game you've seen on Tik Tock and other social media.  Difference's are:

  • Made of Torrified Wood - Prevents Warping.  (This game doesn't play very well on warped wood)
  • Larger and easier to play
  • Different graphics on board
  • Replaces the Maxi Fast Sling Puck

NOTE: If you are looking for the regular sized version, it's $49.99 here:

For 2 Players

  • One of the most famous game in North America
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Torrified Wood and Regular Wood board
  • Size 14" x 32." board.
  • Due to it's size, this product is shipped in a retail box that reveals what the contents are inside.  If you wish to have it wrapped in Kraft Paper to disguise (ex: Gifts), please enter notes during checkout.   (Note; The risk to wrap is it can tear and make delivery impossible if the carrier waybill is torn off. )


Wood torrefaction produces a colouration similar of that of dyeing, but without the use of chemicals during manufacturing. This makes it 100% safe for water, air, soil, and our health.  This technique colours and enhances the wood grain while being 100% natural and eco-friendly.  Torrefaction also stablizes the wood, preventing it from warping over time.  And in this game, warping is not ideal!


We are an OFFICIAL retailer of Rustik games.  This is the genuine Fast Sling Puck game, MADE IN CANADA!  

Please contact us for any questions on this product.  Note: colour of wood maybe different from in the pictures. But the wood is darker than the original smaller fast sling puck game.