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The design and artistry of these mazes will inspire the mind-while also boggling it! Find the passageway through each magnificently detailed art maze. NOTE: No Book 5 available.
• CHALLENGING PUZZLES: With 23 unique puzzles, these puzzles are sure to engage any user. Designed to stimulate visually and mentally, our mazes can be done individually for an increased cognitive experience or as a group for a team building exercise.
• TOYS THAT TEACH: Studies show that maze books are one of the best tools for teaching children a multitude of high-level cognitive skills. Among others, they're incredibly beneficial in helping understand spacial awareness, patience, planning, hand-to-eye coordination, and more.
• EXTREME MAZES: Original illustrations become brain-twisting challenges with these clever and complex mazes. You'll wind your ways through a spider's web, an ice cream sundae, and even the Great Wall of China. Some mazes cover 10" x 15" fold-out pages!
• INCLUDES: Package includes (1) Extreme Mazes: Book 1 with 23 unique puzzles.
• DISPLAY YOUR ART: Once your child is done filling in these awesome mazes, make sure to put them on display so they can revel in their achievements.