Double Spot

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  • GAMES THAT TEACH: The strategy game from MindWare that will have you seeing DOUBLE! You’ll need a keen eye and the luck of the die to spot and claim a card. The double-sided disks mean each time you get closer to matching a pattern card, so do they.
  • EASY-TO-FOLLOW RULES: Double Spot is a strategic game with easy to follow rules. Players take turns. On your turn, roll the die and complete the action as shown on the die.
  • STRATEGIC MOVES: Play your disks strategically as you work to match the pattern on either of the pattern cards facing you. To win, be the first player to collect 5 pattern cards by creating and spotting the card patterns on the board.
  • FAMILY FAVORITE: Double Spot is a fantastic game for families, as it can involve a wide range of ages, from 6 years old to adults. It only takes a few moments to explain, so new players such as extended family or friends can jump right in and play!
  • INCLUDES: Game Board, 40 double-sided disks, 40 pattern cards, 2 card stands and colored die (for ages 6 and up)