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Brachiosaurus / Brachiosaure

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With the dinosaurs, tread the Jurassic earth, meet the legendary T-Rex, walk through vast plains with the velociraptor or fly with a pteranodon.


 36.00 cm 9.00 cm 31.00 cm (Lxlxh)

 0.95 Kgs


  • New highly detailed dinosaur to add to your collection
  • He is about 15.5 inches tall
  • Papo strives to manufacture long-lasting, high quality dinosaurs that are hand painted
  • Brachiosaurus means "Arm lizard" and was named in 1903
  • He is from the Jurassic period
  • The figurines are distinguished through their accuracy and realism that offer a play value
  • Designed in France and made with a permanent view to high quality
  • Manufactured long-lasting and beautiful toys
  • The diversity of the products and the interaction of the different worlds also stimulate the creativity and imagination of the children