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Dragon Blok - Police Rescue

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The legend of chariot series, rescue pioneer team, combined with rescue vehicle. There are 8 different boxes and each small unit box can build a vehicle and then combine 8 vehicles and transform into an advanced rescue vehicle.


AIRFREIGHTER-FALCON, 95pcs, Ace of speed in the air, delivering supplies for combat

MAGNETIC-STORM HUMVEE, 77pcs, Superior off-road performance,High safety factor.

LASER PANZER, 73pcs, Unique bullet-proof design, strong resistance to enemy attacks.

EOD ROBO, 105 pcs, Flexible and agile, precise operation, perfect completion of dangerous bomb disposal tasks.

LAW ENFORCEMENT ROBOT, 101pcs, Assisting special police in arresting criminals and defending urban tranquility.

WAVE BREAKER YACHT, 74pcs, Avoiding water obstacles flexibly to meet water pursuit needs.

CANNON STRUMPANZER, 93pcs, Full of horsepower, move forward and adapt to multi-terrain operations.

STRATEGY COMMAND VEHICLE, 96pcs, Flexible and reliable, high safety factor, high efficiency operational command.